How it Works

The Beyond II ULTRA is a genuine professional dentist strength power whitening system with Ultrasonic Technology to power-whiten teeth faster and safer than any other system.

HIGH intensity LED radiant output, combined with ULTRASONIC whitening technology provides superior whitening results in a short treatment time.


FASTER Results

36 – 45 minutes. Rather than the whitening gel ‘soaking’ its way into the tooth enamel, Ultrasonics vibrates the whitening gel & staining particles locked with the teeth 41,000 times per second. Therefore, quickly and more effectively surrounding and bleaching out staining particles otherwise trapped within the tooth enamel. There is nothing else like it


WHITER Results

2-3 shades whiter than usual results in 36 – 45 minutes that NON Ultrasonic Machines

As soon as you arrive we will make you comfortable and talk you through the procedure. You can relax and listen to music while we give you a brighter smile.

If you imagine the clear enamel of a tooth being a window through which we see the ivory /white dentin cosmetic teeth whitening cleans the stained window so the natural ivory / white colour of the dentin is revealed. Dentin is what gives your teeth their natural colour.

There are various things, which stain the teeth both intrinsic and extrinsic. As you would expect things like tea coffee red wine sugar drinks age fluoride and antibiotics. We whiten the teeth using a special oxygen action whitening type gel, which is applied to the front of the teeth. The gel migrates with the aid of the powerful whitening accelerator light removing stains so the natural colour of the dentin is revealed.

The advanced formula whitening gel that we use is maximum strength gel in accordance with NZ standards and Ministry of Health approved
Contains special ingredients to reduce the risk of sensitivity
Clinically proven results
Immediate results
Improves oral health while whitening
Safer than any other system. In 2011 NZ Government EPA safety of dental whitening products review it was the ONLY in chair teeth whitening gel to be approved without restriction.

This process restores your teeth to their natural whiteness leaving them looking bright and healthy. White teeth provide the appearance of youth, attractiveness and success. We can remove years of staining in just 45 minutes!

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Beyond II ULTRA Whitening

One hour MegaBrite LED Professional Teeth Whitening System $299

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