Beyond II ULTRA Whitening

One hour Beyond II ULTRA Professional Teeth Whitening System Special $299!

Get Whitening Top-ups

Had teeth whitening treatment in the last 6 to 12 months? Top-ups just $150!

The Beyond II ULTRA is a genuine professional dentist strength power whitening system with Ultrasonic Technology to power-whiten teeth faster and safer than any other system. HIGH intensity LED radiant output, combined with ULTRASONIC whitening technology provides superior whitening results in a short treatment time.
  • FASTER Results > 36 – 45 minutes.
    Rather than the whitening gel ‘soaking’ its way into the tooth enamel, Ultrasonics vibrates the whitening gel & staining particles locked with the teeth 41,000 times per second. Therefore, quickly and more effectively surrounding and bleaching out staining particles otherwise trapped within the tooth enamel. There is nothing else like it
  • WHITER Results > 2-3 shades whiter than usual results in 36 – 45 minutes that NON Ultrasonic Machines

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  • Thank you pearly my teeth looks way better than before definitely coming back again to get them whiter and whiter.

    Susan Adam
  • I’m soo happy with my teeth! ! It was so much more comfortable than the last place I had them done, I could actually relax and had no sensitivity. Can’t wait to show everyone 🙂 thanks again highly recommended

    Kate Knowles
  • Fantastic service. Very professional. I have had my teeth done by other companies before, this is by far the best result. Very happy and will be back again.

    Ben Neal